GOP Strategy: If America Fails, We Win

August 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

If Democrats offered 10:1 in spending cuts versus tax increase, Romeny said he would turn it down.

Here is an article where even Jeb Bush says he would accept that deal.

Economists say that cuts alone cannot pay down our debt, we simply need more revenue “taxes”. Even Reagan understood that you need to raise taxes when spending cuts alone won’t fix it. This guy will not compromise, do you really want to give him power? If Democrats had control of both houses the last 4 years you would have seen a great economic recovery, which would have utilized liberal and conservative ideas. Instead we got just enough passed in congress to stay a float.  Since Democrats are willing to compromise 50/50, you have to wonder if Republicans are just impeding progress to make it look like Obama is a bad leader.

Here are several more articles that show how Republicans are united against compromise.

You can find hundreds more, just Google it.