Outsourcing America – Mitt’s Policies

July 21, 2012 in Blog

A government document shows that at Bain Mitt held a $54 million stake in companies that manufactured electronics in China and Mexico for US firms: motherjones.com

Mitt Romney is a talented businessman, no doubt. He deserves respect for that. He’s also known in the business world as a pioneer of outsourcing. While he claims he was no longer at Bain, because he managed the Olympics, he was still the CEO. At the Olympics he canceled contracts and used Bain’s companies, like Dominoes, instead. This is smart business, but its not good for our country. He would have outsourced the Olympics if it was profitable. He even outsources his earning. Meaning that he claims income in other countries with lower taxes, funding that countries government instead of our own, just to save a few percent. It’s not illegal: it’s just not a trait you want in someone running our own country. So, do we really want to make a man president who built his resume on outsourcing jobs and personally funding foreign governments? He even profits from the loss of American jobs.

See, when you understand how his company works you will see that a boom and bust economy works to his favor. Bain finds companies in trouble, takes a portion of the company in exchange for advice. If the company continues to fail and goes bankrupt, Bain buys them out or lets them failed and gets paid first before all other creditors. They can’t lose. Smart business! Good for him. Bad for the economy. An unstable economy creates opportunity for his company to buy low and then reap the rewards when the boom returns. This type of process eliminates the competition. I’m not accusing him of sabotage; I’m just showing you how it would be in his own self interest to force a recession. An unregulated free market will always give way to monopolies… creating corporate feudalism. The type of world our founders were trying to prevent. Adam Smith the founder of the free market even warned against men like Romney. Bush’s presidential decisions created great profits for him and his fellow oil tycoons. I can only wonder if Mitt would sacrifice American lives for his own self interest. He would never admit to being a supporter of the shock doctrine, boom and bust economics, but he would benefit from a great depression… just like the Rockefellers and Morgans did from the first one. The best way to win the game of capitalism is to eliminate the competition. That is easy to do from the oval office, as long as you don’t mind the social consequences. I just can’t trust him. Adam Smith agrees: