How do your purchases affect employment?

November 1, 2013 in Home, Tech vs. Labor

In many of my other posts I explain the effects of automation and technological unemployment. Everyday people imagine ways to lay off massive amounts of people in the pursuit of profits. Once we acknowledge this as the largest threat to our country, we can begin to govern accordingly.

As consumers we have to power to change the market. Currently, most people buy the cheapest available option, or buy based on taste/preference. I would like to have the information so I can buy based on a ratio of labor vs profit. In other words, I want every product to be labeled with a number or grade that indicates how much the employees make versus how much the shareholders make.

Not every American will read the label, not everyone reads nutritional labels either, but it costs nothing to add a tiny design to the printing of a package. It would be very easy for the IRS to publish a report with the company grades; the data is readily available with a few clicks of the button. My idea has almost no cost and would encourage domestic private sector jobs.

For instance, a business may stop paying low foreign wages and international transportation cost, when it may become more profitable to hire Americans. In essence, this would even help bring down our dependence on foreign oil for international transportation of goods. Buying products with a higher labor grade may become the most American thing you could do. It’s a simple and extremely cheap free market way to combat unemployment.