Genes vs Tools

July 12, 2013 in Home, Tech vs. Labor

It was discovered that Humans have fewer genes today than thousands of years ago. Apparently, we  lose genes when we don’t need them. We evolve because we have the man made tools to handle our needs. Also, when we no longer need the gene for a specific function. Sometime species even find other organisms that do things for them. A few examples: fire that breaks down enzymes in food, when fish clean a shark’s skin, a bacteria that digests food, a sharp stick…. etc. As Humans have become masters of tools, our need for natural genetic tools declines. There is an equal and opposite reaction to everything, as Newton taught us. In other words, we are conquering nature as nature is conquering us.

The fact is: the cleverer the technology we invent, the less genes variances we will have in the future. If you are a person like me who envisions a future with computerized immune systems, enzymes…etc, then this would paint the picture of the distant future of humans with much fewer genes. One study proves that the Y chromosomes has dwindled down to only 200 genes while the X chromosomes still have 1100 genes. Women have “XX”, while Men “XY”. Men have been hit hardest by the loss of genes; makes sense when you consider men are the masters of tools. Most people have heard the rumors that male births are becoming less frequent. It has projected that Men are becoming slowly extinct; this was discovered well before male historic gene loss was discovered, yet no one has published a correlation. If the link between genes and technology/tools can be proven, it could prove the long term end of the biological man. This supports the theory of the singularity.

This evolutionary cause could yield the next link in the chain of our human progress. As our technology begins to do most of the thinking and labor, it is unclear if we will be able to harness the technology to increase intelligence or if it will lead to an increase in laziness and reduction in intellect. The next phase of Homo Sapiens Sapiens may be Homo Eximius Sapiens, “Super Wise Man”. The final evolutionary path might become just, “Instrumentum Sapiens”, wise tools…. without man.