Fine Food for a Finer Future

February 6, 2013 in Blog, Health

Recently my desire for personal health has surpassed my desire for unhealthy foods; becoming a better cook and finding enjoyable snacks has helped. Since food eased my suffering and fixed most of my health problems I am trying to spread the word to anyone else that may be suffering.

I was shocked to hear that life expectancy in America is projected to decline. When considering the decrease in smokers and the advancements in technology it is even more surprising. But it’s not too surprising when you compare the foods that different generations were raised on and consider that heart disease is the number one killer. While poor diets have been the leading cause of death for a long time, diets have gotten even worse than past generations. Before TV Dinners, Fast Food, and free soda refills people still ate a lot meat, but they ate much more of their greens too. Our nation is becoming sicker and because we are addicted to these acid forming, non nutritious foods. It’s no surprise we spend less on groceries than other civilized country, but much more on healthcare. Sugar, corn syrup, white flour, and butter cost little at the store, but get us to spend much more at the doctor.

Since many people can’t afford their medical bills, the bills pill up on the national debt. People in the poorest communities have the most food related diseases, yet the rest of America pays the doctor bills. Some say we should cut the programs, since that would harm good healthy Americans, I think it would be easier to live by example and encourage others to take care. It’s not just social programs that get drained due to unhealthy foods, health insurance premiums are on the rise for the same reason. For me, eating better is not just about living a long healthy life; it’s about not putting the costs of my bad habits on the backs of the next generation.

I don’t blame the baby boomers for their food mistakes, because they didn’t have access to the massive amounts of information or healthier food options we do today. Those TV diners and food preservative were created to feed the troops during WWII. These advancements helped win the war and saved countless lives. They helped America save money and pull out of the great depression, bringing down the cost of living. These heavily preserved foods have helped feed the world and reduce starvation. So, they won’t simply go away. It’s just time to make better choices now that we are more advanced and have the resources to produce better foods.

We are in desperate need of a food revolution!