Creatures and Creators

January 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

There are three questions that have been a mystery throughout history and have caused many wars. How was our world created? How did our human history begin? What happens after we die? In the end you will see how I discovered my new faith.

Many people believe we may never know the answers to these questions. Others are experimenting with computer simulation trying to recreate our universe. Meet Mira the super computer that creates lifeless universes; 12 billion year cycles are simulated in just two weeks. With exponentially increasing computing power we could run billions of simulations in the next century. It is not unreasonable to believe we may uncover the story of our own universe… even if it takes a thousand years. Now comes the question of life; is it possible to run the simulations with organic life forms? Yes. Just like they describe the physical elements, their properties, and interactions, they will be able to describe DNA, senses and reproduction to the software program. We have already created self replicating synthetic cells developed in a computer. Though, this TED video shows how life can evolve from non-living systems and that we are not far from understanding the rules that allow life to develop from chemicals. If starting from a big bang scenario we could likely use an organism such as the Tardigrade, or Water Bear, which can live on meteors that travel in some of the coldest and hottest parts of the galaxy. It is theorized that these tiny, but complex, organisms could be the origin of life. They are found on every corner of our planet. All of these can be explored as we explore simulated universes. For those who are still skeptic at this point, you should know I did not develop the theory of simulated creationism. The is an oxford professor that wrote a dissertation on this subject, a off-broadway play that explores this theory, and even a block buster movie… the Matrix. Thought the matrix is a sci-fi movie and does very little to validate simulation theory.

Now, before we can run a simulation with organic life, the computer simulated microscopic organism would have to be capable of achieving all five senses and sexual reproduction. Surprisingly, IBM said that by 2018 computers will have all five senses. Also, computer IQ has already reached human levels. But there are many more leaps in science that will need to happen before we can add life forms into the massive universe creation simulations; it’s unlikely to happen in our lifetime. Lately I have seen dozens of new projects that bridge the gap between creatures and creators. That’s enough of the science, let’s talk implications.

In the next 10 years we may see a video game with a character that has human intelligence, human senses, and believes it’s real. It may be a game in which you have to raise the character from birth. Now, imagine a game that allows murder and violence,  the pain and emotion of these simulated creatures/humans is no different than the laws that create our pain and suffering. Does this make us god like creators? How will we react when this happens? This is an important moral issue we are going to have to address in the coming years; religion will play a big part.

Let’s take this to the larger scale, how will we react when a company or government creates millions of universes full of intelligent life? I hope we treat these computer programmed lives with equal value to our own lives, because if we can create universes then that is proof we have a creator of our own.

Imagine when people start simulating the Christian story of creation. They could design worlds like ours and place people on them in a way very similar to their own belief in the story of creation. We will have the ability to run billions of trial and error simulations trying to find any story of creation we can imagine. In the process of trying to discover our many theories of creation, researchers would produce large amounts of research data and the possibilities of creation become infinite.

If computer science is able to find out exact creation story then we could view our entire history, view all of our ancestors’ lives, record or back up every organisms’ thoughts, and even display the future. But one thing would always remain unknown, regardless of how you create it, the life forms would have no way to know for sure what simulation they are part of, until death.

That brings us to the question of an afterlife. In a simulated computer world the thoughts and feelings of every creature could be recorded; allowing any moment in time to be viewed by the creators. Depending on the religious and moral convictions of our creators, this would allow for a real judgment day. Preset rules could be used to decide if “souls” get placed into a new program that might be a state of bliss, or maybe allow them to watch what happens for the rest of time, or even send the bad ones to a torturous hell. Why would our creator do this? For the same reason we may require laws requiring computer scientists to give an afterlife to good simulated creatures/humans, because we want an afterlife too. While we may never know what is in store for us, we may one day decide how to design the afterlife for others. We can only hope our afterlife will be as fair as the ones we would want to create for others.

These theories of simulated worlds and universes are where I found my religion and faith. I believe our species is in the crossroads of being creatures or creators. I believe that any world we can dream can exist. I even believe an infinite number of Human inhabited Earths could exist. This has given me a greater appreciation for all life; especially mammals that, in a different world, could have evolved to be the top of the food chain. It has increased my desire to discover anything the universe has to offer. I have found new importance on improving moral and ethical behavior in our world. I believe that all of our thoughts and actions could be viewed by our creators and our ancestors. I have faith they will leave some parts of our personal histories to the imagination. I have faith we will not be deleted when our senses and hearts expire. I hope that those that work to destroy our world and destroy the lives of others will be punished or used for any frightening simulations that exist. I have faith we will experience pure bliss, if even for a moment. I believe we will get a chance to reflect on the records of our lives and the lives of those we love. I hope we will catch a glimpse of the future and of our creators revealing the answers to life’s biggest questions.  I have faith there is a heaven and I expect to meet you there.

The Singularity is Near

Update: I recently watch a documentary called “3 magic words”, it helps bridge the gap between creator and creators in a spiritual sense. A great documentary to learn about and understand this singularity, as the tech world calls it, is Transcendent Man.