Andrew Laurent’s Robot Tax

April 2, 2016 in Economics, Home, Tech vs. Labor

    My policy is more than a robot tax, it eliminates the labor problems that arise from all automation, outsourcing, and the price gouging of necessities like healthcare. I propose reforming the corporate tax to include a multiplier that varies based on a business’s profit to labor ratio. Multiplying business […]

Everyone is just trying to do nothing

May 4, 2015 in Home, Tech vs. Labor

“Everyone is just trying to do nothing”, I once debated with a friend. I claimed that there are people who just like to work; I always took pride in my work. But, the point was that our early motives are based in a quest for apathy. To get wealth and […]

Creative Creatures

February 5, 2014 in Blog, Home, Tech vs. Labor

I was raised Christian. In College as an engineering major and lover of science, I became Atheist but quickly realized I was really Agnostic. I could not claim to be wise enough to say that we were not created. We could be someone’s science experiment, because we would do the […]

How do your purchases affect employment?

November 1, 2013 in Home, Tech vs. Labor

In many of my other posts I explain the effects of automation and technological unemployment. Everyday people imagine ways to lay off massive amounts of people in the pursuit of profits. Once we acknowledge this as the largest threat to our country, we can begin to govern accordingly. As consumers […]

Genes vs Tools

July 12, 2013 in Home, Tech vs. Labor

It was discovered that Humans have fewer genes today than thousands of years ago. Apparently, we  lose genes when we don’t need them. We evolve because we have the man made tools to handle our needs. Also, when we no longer need the gene for a specific function. Sometime species […]

Technological Unemployment in the News

January 19, 2013 in Tech vs. Labor

I have 13 news sources discussing the impact of technology on employment. There are few Americans still alive that remember the last time leading economists warned the world about the impact of automation on the economy. John Maynard Keynes was the best and brightest economist of the great depression generation […]

Competing with Machines

September 21, 2012 in Home, Small Business Perspective, Tech vs. Labor

In 30 years 70% of our jobs will be replaced by machines. Everyday companies are finding ways to replace workers with machines and software. It’s a competitive business world and low skilled American workers are having a hard time keeping up with algorithms and efficient mechanical processes.  So, when one company in […]