Toxic Algae of South Florida: Solution

August 3, 2018 in Government, Home

Toxic Algae of South Florida: Solution The three biggest contributes to the algae that Floridians can change: – Where to drain the lake. The dam to the south, where sugar farms now exist, is causing all the water to flow into the rivers. – The pollution from cow farms north […]

FBS Computer Ranking – Conference Match-up Model

December 16, 2017 in Home, Uncategorized

A New Approach to FBS Ranking – Conference Match-up Model Imagine that you are completely unbiased and unaware of the college football world. Pretend that you’ve never seen the ranking systems and are unaware of the perceived power of the conferences. Imagine never guessing at how much to move each […]

Expect a Recession When Net Neutrality Regulations are Repealed

July 13, 2017 in Economics, Home

Consider how the internet comes to your devices. All the way from the internet service provider leading into your home there are lines underground that are dug through public land along roadsides. Like our roads, these are shared spaces that can not be owned by any individual company. Instead, through […]

A Defense for Vermont and Democratic Socialism

April 12, 2016 in Economics, Government, Home

I often see opinion pieces for free market libertarian economics, like this article. It starts by saying that Bernie’s plan to increase tax revenue to 46% of GDP is unrealistic, but the tax revenue percent of GDP was higher than that during the U.S. golden years in the 50’s and 60’s. […]

Andrew Laurent’s Robot Tax

April 2, 2016 in Economics, Home, Tech vs. Labor

    My policy is more than a robot tax, it eliminates the labor problems that arise from all automation, outsourcing, and the price gouging of necessities like healthcare. I propose reforming the corporate tax to include a multiplier that varies based on a business’s profit to labor ratio. Multiplying business […]

Increased Prices Will Reduce Gun Crime

August 31, 2015 in Government, Home

  With this simple economic policy, gun rights can be upheld and violent crimes reduced. Let’s analyze the effects of reducing the production of new guns. The gun debate is one with intense emotions and fear. While the NRA is likely to oppose anything that limits their profits, this sort […]

Problems With Police: collection of cases

August 21, 2015 in Government, Home

For those who don’t see any problems with police or racism I have listed the most informative articles and videos on the subject. David Simon is Baltimore’s best-known chronicler of life on the hard streets. He worked for The Baltimore Sun city desk for a dozen years. He is the creator, […]

How Capitalism Began

July 7, 2015 in Blog, Economics, Home

Before capitalism, there was feudalism and kings controlled supply and prices. When democracy began, we needed a monetary system to manage our commerce, currency, lending, and debt. Early economists like Adam Smith helped us learn how this will happen naturally but also taught us how to prevent big business monopolies […]

Floor and Trade: a new concept

May 24, 2015 in Economics, Government, Home

Floor and Trade: a new concept “Labour was the first price, the original purchase – money  that was paid for all things. It was not by gold or by silver, but by labour,  that all wealth of the world was originally purchased. ” -Adam Smith (Father of Capitalism) We need more […]

Everyone is just trying to do nothing

May 4, 2015 in Home, Tech vs. Labor

“Everyone is just trying to do nothing”, I once debated with a friend. I claimed that there are people who just like to work; I always took pride in my work. But, the point was that our early motives are based in a quest for apathy. To get wealth and […]