Alkaline Detox: 5 day cleanse

July 23, 2015 in Health

5 Day Detoxify Treatment:

Detoxifying is a way to flush our lymph system and other fluid systems. Over a  quarter of our blood drains through this system, with whatever excess chemical compounds can’t be stored in our cells. This includes protein, bacteria, and thousands of toxins, all which turn our other fluids acidic.

The best way to flush is with foods that produce tiny particles with great surface area that can bond with the excess toxins and protein in the drainage systems, and allow your body to naturally remove the built up waste. People over consume protein, 97% of people, this is the largest blockage in our bodies. If you have large muscles, don’t worry, just flush mildly and seasonally.

Some detox diets are extreme and offer almost no protein. Straight lemon water is a shock to the system, and not wise. Baking soda and cayenne pepper are other unwise system shocks. Fresh juice can do the job, but is not optimal alone, and leaves you obsessively hungry for days. This detox is just a little less than the recommended daily protein, when not performing athletic training. It’s a diet of whole foods, no grain, beans, or meat.

Our bodies will clean out and utilize built up excess protein while we detox; our bodies actually eat themselves. Our excess skin and deposits in the lymph nodes become our muscles source of protein during a reduced protein detox. We don’t want to cannibalize ourselves, this is why a straight juice detox isn’t advised. We want to reduce protein, but not too drastically… fresh greens rich in protein aid in an optimal detoxification.

Don’t over train your muscles during a detox, but don’t hesitate to enjoy yourself and be physically active, a good sweat helps with detox, but avoid shredding muscle until you add some bean, meat, seeds, or whole grains. Hot baths, or hot towels on the hands, feet and face, help the detox process.

We use some lemon in this detox. Lemon is more of a preventative daily detox and digestive aid; it is not a quick remedy. Think of lemon as a way to help your system breakdown heavy proteins like meat, beans, or grains. So, regularly drink lemon water or herbal tea with these kinds of meals.

Juiced cucumber is the essence to this detox, it gets into the blood and bowels quickly and attaches to chemical compounds the best. Chia seeds cleanse in a different way, filling up more of the bowels and getting crap the other foods miss. Plus, chia seeds have a large volume of vitamins and minerals that help the body activate the healing process. Chia seeds have some protein, with different kinds of amino acids that won’t interrupt the lymph node cleansing. Green veggies have a good amount of protein and help flush too.

The goal is to make you more alkaline and not overwhelm the digestive system. Pulling toxins out is a delicate process and it will change your bowel movements. The cucumber will make your digestive system flow better, and the high fiber veggies will keep it from moving too fast and not allowing the body to optimally flush. It’s about moving the materials through at the best pace to promote oxygenation throughout all of our bodily fluids. The fiber is a sponge for the toxins.

Meal plan: per person

Breakfast: Juice two large glasses of cucumber, between 12-20 ounces. Have one immediately and save the other  in a sealed cold container for your lunch or snack. Then prepare the carrots and take a moment to relax… juice two glasses of carrots… add extra fruits, veggies, or roots to the carrot juice as to your taste. Enjoy one glass now and save the other for lunch/snack.

This liquid breakfast will make you feel very hungry soon after, so…

Early snack options:

–        Raw coconut chips, toast em if you prefer.
–        Two squares of at least 70% dark chocolate, daytime only.
–        Have a cup of hot green tea with raw honey and fresh lemon, daytime only.
–        Soak chia seeds the night before in the fridge. In the morning blend them with a fruit, like blueberries, and save for later… it’s a day two snack.

Lunch option: A whole head of broccoli , cauliflower, or some other fresh greens, with a side of fresh fruit. Plus, the cold juice saved from breakfast. Choose this option if you didn’t eat any solid morning snacks.

Lunch option: A green smoothie, no protein powder. Plus, the cold juice saved from breakfast.

After lunch snack options:

–          Whole fruit, preferably banana, apples, pears, figs, and berries.
–          A couple dried dates or apricots.
–          Coconut chips, dark chocolate, or chia seed mixtures.
–          Chocolate almond milk mixed with coconut water.
–          Herbal tea with fresh lemon juice and stevia or raw honey.

Dinner option: Chop a salad with any or all of these ingredients: alfalfa sprouts, watercress, kale, spinach, cucumber, carrots, broccoli, radish, and other optional veggies… then smother it with a dressing made from lemon, avocado, cayenne, garlic, and dill. Mix dressing to taste, plenty of lemon.

Dinner option: Steamed green beans, carrots, radish, and beets with a dipping sauce on the side. Make the sauce the same way as the other dressing… or find your own similar sauce recipe, perhaps with ginger, turmeric, or curry instead of garlic/dill.

Dinner option: turn the salad into a smoothie, with fruit instead of dressing.

Have a glass of lemon water or a herbal tea with lemon for dinner.

After dinner snack options:

–          Whole fruit, preferably a banana, apple, pear, fig, or a hand full of berries.
–          A couple dried dates or apricots.
–          Coconut chips.
–          Chia seed mixtures.
–          Herbal tea with stevia and fresh lemon.

Don’t over consume snacks.

Shopping list: broccoli, kale, spinach, watercress, avocado, carrot, alfalfa sprouts, radish, fresh fruit, lemon, herbal tea, very dark chocolate, stevia, garlic, and herbs. Optional: cauliflower, dried apricots/dates, coconut chips, chia seeds, wheat grass, cayenne/red pepper, beets, cabbage, mushrooms, raw honey, coconut water, chocolate almond milk, and green tea.

Juice lemons for the whole week, save in an old glass jar. Make a pitcher of herbal tea with lemon, stevia, and/or raw honey. Some teas that seem herbal still have black tea in them, double check.