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I graduated into the 2007 dismal job market with an economics degree. Thanks to my education I could see that my degree would go to waste if I didn’t take a risk on my own. I foresaw the economic recession that left most business graduates from 2007-2009 permanently without jobs in their field. Rather than continue delivering pizza, I started a restaurant delivery service with just three thousand dollars to my name. After five years, two million in sales, and a stroke, I sold out. Since then I’ve been home-bound, which has given me abundant time to read about world economies and economic theory.

I sold my business in 2012. I predicted a company like Uber Eats would take over the market. I also predicted that delivery driver’s jobs would be outsourced to driver-less cars and drones. I saw how large volumes of manual labor and technical jobs across many industries would soon be automated. My research into automation and the future of labor markets began in 2009.

Through my experiences and excessive research I learned just how much progressive public policy matters for small businesses and the middle class. I want to help reduce America’s apathy about government. The path to less government is to reduce the size of corporations first. Breaking up big business is our means to economic growth and debt reduction. Many of my ideas stem from the founder of capitalism, Adam Smith, who was more anti-corporation than anti-government. Teddy Roosevelt is another leader who understood that kings arose from the free market, and that we needed progressive regulations and a fair distribution of capital to prevent oppression. Reading through this website you’ll see how trickledown economics has brought about an era of corporate feudalism. On this website I suggest many ways to promote the middle class, and how to carefully bring our economy into this new age of technology.


Andrew Dundas Laurent
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Also, I offer business consulting services:

I’m a self taught problem solver and entrepreneur educated in business, economics, and science… with experience in internet/tech, marketing, operations, finance, cash flow management, and natural  health.

  • I can teach you how to build your website
  • I can just build your website
  • I can show you how to manage your content/posts.
  • I can show you how to use online advertising.
  • I can do your online advertising.
  • I can build your ads with my graphic design skills.
  • I can teach you graphic design.
  • If you are just exploring an idea/business, I can help.
  • I can look over your professional documents, and proof read.
  • I can prepare technical writing documents.
  • I can write for you, challenge me with a topic, subject, or market.
  • I can research for you…  save you money on expenses and processes.
  • I can show you how to be a more effective online researcher.
  • I can show you how to utilize software that reduces transaction costs.

I do consulting online only. I don’t travel. With software, and your permission, I can use my mouse on your desktop to show you everything you need to know as we chat through the web cams. I work from home. I am disabled. I wish I could be running another company right now, but I only can work temporarily and part time. I have a rare opportunity, as a successful entrepreneur, to use my experience and skills to help others succeed.

Feel free to ask any questions,
Andrew Laurent

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