Upgrade Your Taste Buds

February 8, 2013 in Health


A Matter of Taste:

Once you realize how your new food choices will improve your life and better the world, your taste will begin to evolve. Preference or taste in food is just a matter of mind. I was able to quickly overcome my tomatoes and fish phobia, learning to love them both. I did this by telling myself, there is no reason I should dislike these foods. I have the same physical taste buds as everyone else and my body desires their nutrition, but at a young age I decided I didn’t want to eat them and that stuck with me until recent. Your taste in food is nothing more than childish feelings… let go. Picture a child that has a bad mood and refuses to eat a food, then picture yourself still doing the same thing because of a bad mood you had decades ago. When you realize how silly food taste and texture phobias are, you can finally begin eating for health over habit.

Once you make this first step and start associating the empty dense calorie foods as harmful to you, your adult palate will adapt just like when you were a kid. You can’t blame the kid in us for wanting to naturally store dense calories for survival, but we live longer lives today so we need to learn to ignore caloric desires and learn to eat for disease prevention. Upgrading our taste in food is no different, or more difficult, than learning proper social behaviors. We make and abide by laws in order to live respectfully together in this country, yet we are all suffering because healthcare costs are soaring out of control due to poor eating habits. Thanks to the internet and decade of diet fads, all the information on proper dietary behavior is now accessible and a new way of life will eventually take fold. Let’s just hope we get there before we do too much damage to our economy.