I’m a Teddy Roosevelt Republican

May 24, 2015 in Economics, Government

I’m a Teddy Roosevelt Republican… or I would have been. Here’s some (Brainy Quotes) from Theodore Roosevelt… I wrote a quick history lesson at the bottom. “It is essential that there should be organization of labor. This is an era of organization. Capital organizes and therefore labor must organize.” “I […]

Flag Laws and Protesting Ethics

May 4, 2015 in Government

Desecrating the flag is not against the law, but not something I personally support… the freedom to do so, I do support. I need to point out that our flag represents more than our military. In history, every large government has had a military. So, I am claiming that it […]

Everyone is just trying to do nothing

May 4, 2015 in Home, Tech vs. Labor

“Everyone is just trying to do nothing”, I once debated with a friend. I claimed that there are people who just like to work; I always took pride in my work. But, the point was that our early motives are based in a quest for apathy. To get wealth and […]

Income Tax or Flat Tax, Sin Tax, Luxury Tax

January 6, 2015 in Economics, Government, Home

Taxes are more than just a way for a government to raise revenue; they are also a deterrent, like fines. We tax labor, heavily. Labor should never be discouraged, especially as jobs continue to be lost to more efficient mechanical or computer processes. We need to make human labor more […]

Creative Creatures

February 5, 2014 in Blog, Home, Tech vs. Labor

I was raised Christian. In College as an engineering major and lover of science, I became Atheist but quickly realized I was really Agnostic. I could not claim to be wise enough to say that we were not created. We could be someone’s science experiment, because we would do the […]

How to Become Alkaline

January 9, 2014 in Health

Alkaline Andrew’s Eating Habits Water is the essence of life. How water bonds is even more important. Alkaline (high pH) water has smaller bonds that create a greater total surface area, which means it can grab more toxins and hydrate the body more effectively. Our body is mostly fluid. Stomach acid […]

What I’ve Watched – Recommendations

December 27, 2013 in Blog

Since I have been bound to a computer I’ve had too much time to watch entertainment. I have seen everything. Below, I listed these as my favorites. These are the only ones I outstandingly recommend. These movies are less popular and I rated them 5 stars: Mr Nobody The Machine Metropolis […]

Vegans, Vegetarians, Ancient Christians, and Greatest Minds

November 27, 2013 in Blog, Health, Home

Some of the greatest minds that ever existed were vegan. It’s a smart thing to do for yourself and for our planet/culture. Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet. ~ Albert Einstein Our task […]

Christianity and Capitalism Conflict

November 27, 2013 in Blog

  Here are 10 passages from the Bible that will offend most Conservative Christians. I do not intend to question your faith in God, but to question your perception of our Holidays and Capitalism. These are the words of the lord: I hate, I despise your feast days, And I […]

How do your purchases affect employment?

November 1, 2013 in Home, Tech vs. Labor

In many of my other posts I explain the effects of automation and technological unemployment. Everyday people imagine ways to lay off massive amounts of people in the pursuit of profits. Once we acknowledge this as the largest threat to our country, we can begin to govern accordingly. As consumers […]